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Turkeys, Not Tickets, in Montana

While news reports might typically focus on police misbehavior rather than the good they often do for the community, there is certainly plenty of good to discuss as well.  One such story has surfaced In Montana where a local police department recently made the news for handing out something a bit unusual at traffic stops: frozen turkeys.


People who were pulled over in Billings, Montana last week got a surprise they weren’t expecting once they saw the lights and heard the sirens preceding their vehicle stop. Instead of a ticket, those pulled over were given only a warning along with a frozen turkey for their Thanksgiving celebrations.


The police department didn’t act alone. An anonymous businessman donated 20 turkeys to the police department and asked that they be handed out to families. Turkeys weren’t handed out to just anyone. Only those people who were caught rolling through a stop sign or traveling a few miles over the posted speed limit were presented with the birds. Before giving away the turkeys, police officers did check to make sure the drivers had no outstanding warrants.


One driver, a man who lives alone, said he was on a limited budget and the gift will ensure that he and his daughter can have a good holiday. The man was pulled over for not signaling a turn and was more than happy to take the turkey off the officer’s hands.
If you have been pulled over in New York and handed a ticket instead of a turkey, you have the right to fight. Call our office today for a free consultation.  We’re happy to discuss your options and if you decide we’re a good fit and hire us we’ll be quite thankful and will fight hard to avoid points, insurance increases and other penalties the come with typical traffic violations.  

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