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Virgina woman finds way to beat long DMV lines

A Virginia woman drove to her local Department of Motor Vehicles service center in Leesburg this weekend to take care of some basic paperwork related to her car’s title.  She then drove straight into the building.

Some theories as to why she did this:

1.  She was under the impression the DMV clerk would need to see the actual vehicle.

2.  She had a bet with a friend that it was a fake brick wall (she won the bet).

3.  She heard DMV was offering new drive through services.

4.  Trying to turn her midsize sedan into a compact car.

5.  General frustration with the DMV.

Actually, she mistook the gas pedal for the brake.

For the record, the traffic ticket attorneys at tickethelp.com fully recommend that all motorists, upon visiting the NYS DMV, employ a more traditional strategy of parking a car, getting out of the car and walking into the DMV through what’s commonly referred to as a “door”.

In the event any New Yorkers out there have traffic tickets or driver license issues that you have been trying to manage yourself and are a source of stress and/or frustration, feel free to contact us.  Our free consultation is just about guaranteed to be more productive than letting your negative emotions fester to the point you plow your car into a DMV.

This is particularly true if the NYS DMV you are visiting is constructed of real brick.

-Scott Feifer