Why Our Firm?

We are a complete traffic ticket law firm

Our firm focuses on creating a positive experience from your first contact with us through the close of your case. We feel there is no other traffic ticket law firm that can match our experience, customer service and results. Our goal is to make this a simple, stress-free and successful experience for each of our clients.

Any traffic ticket law firm can claim they will fight for you and do their best to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. Any traffic ticket lawyer can show up in court and appear on your case. That said, we encourage anyone who is contemplating hiring an attorney to consider more than just that.

What follows is a description of some of the key moments and considerations in a typical case. See how we handle these situations compared to the alternatives. We’re confident you will ultimately find that, from consultation to conclusion, we are the NY traffic ticket lawyers for YOU.

Who gives your consultation?

Most attorneys are in court, busy or otherwise not available to take your call or respond to your inquiry. You will get a quick price quote from an administrative assistant who lacks the knowledge or experience to assess your case.

Feifer & Greenberg: At least one attorney is available every day to offer consultations. We specifically schedule and keep attorneys out of court to make this happen. A consultation with Feifer & Greenberg is your chance to learn about your case and your options and we understand that many consultations may require the expertise of an experienced attorney.

What happens after you decide to hire your law firm?

Many firms will tell you to just “fax the ticket” to get the case started without letting you know anything else concerning your case or asking any other questions about your case.

Feifer & Greenberg: Each client receives an Introduction Package which will let you know exactly what to expect and what we need to move forward. It will include paperwork such as authorization forms that your court may need and documents detailing what to expect, who to contact with questions, etc. We’ll also ask you to set forth any special circumstances you’d like us to consider in your defense. Our goals are to make sure you know exactly what to expect, that we are prepared and that there are no last minute surprises or requests.

Who will you contact with questions about your case?

Many traffic ticket law firms will tell you to just call if you have any questions. However, is their office fully staffed? Will you get busy signals? Is there one main contact point or person whose job is to ensure that everything is in order for you and your attorney on your hearing date?

Feifer & Greenberg: Our phones handle an unlimited number of incoming calls and we have staff in place dedicated to answering your calls. Each of our clients is assigned a personal Case Manager whose job is to help your case proceed as smoothly as possible. When you call, you know exactly who to ask for.  Of course, you’ll have the option to email your Case Manager as well.  If your question requires the assistance of an attorney your Case Manager will see that an attorney contacts you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in answering your questions as quickly, clearly and courteously as possible.

What happens “behind the scenes” before your hearing date?

After you have hired a firm and paid in full, many attorneys will simply show up in court without any further consideration of, or action on, your case. If further paperwork, evidence, research or information is needed it may be too late.

Feifer & Greenberg: Your Case Manager will review your case at least one week prior to the hearing date. We call this a Strategic Case Review. We want to make sure everything is in order. No surprises if we can avoid them. If there is any problem with your case or any further information is needed you can expect a call from our office. Thorough preparation is key.

Does your attorney have local experience?

Does the attorney appearing on your behalf have experience in your area? Many attorneys will travel many hours to handle a single case if they are not part of a good statewide network of attorneys. Trying to cover many counties with fewer attorneys leads to higher fees, stressed out lawyers arriving late to court and lesser results.

Feifer & Greenberg: We have built a large, reliable statewide network of in-house and of-counsel attorneys. Our attorneys are familiar with the courts they appear in and our attorneys arrive on time. Appearance by local attorneys also means we charge the same fees for your case whether a case is in Montauk or on the Canadian border.

What happens after your hearing date?

Some firms may wait for you to call them to see what happened. Others may wait for you to receive a notice from the DMV or from your court. Not knowing and worrying about case results leads to unnecessary stress and potential missed deadlines to pay fines, submit paperwork, etc.

Feifer & Greenberg: Whenever we appear in court on your behalf, you will receive a Case Update from our firm. We want you to stay up to date and remain calm in the knowledge that we are taking good care of your case. If the appearance was a final appearance and your case has been completed, we will discuss the outcome with you via our Closing Report. We want you to know what it all means and whether there is anything else you must or should do going forward.