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26 Dec2017

Wrestler Cancels Booking Because of Speeding Ticket

Sid Vicious is a legend in the wrestling ring. The professional was supposed to make an appearance in Cleveland over the weekend but had to cancel. No, he didn’t have other obligations. He was apparently shut down due to a speeding ticket and a lost license.

According to reports, Sid was unable to board a flight to reach his destination, claiming that he had an unpaid speeding ticket. Because of the unpaid speeding ticket, Vicious had lost his driver’s license. Because he had lost his driver’s license, he was unable to pick up the ticket that had been booked for him. Vicious told reporters that that was what the person at the Delta counter told him. He wasn’t flying Delta.

Some outlets released an audio of Vicious explaining why he was unable to make the trip. In many cases, Vicious is difficult to understand, forcing people to piece together what he was trying to say. The wrestler at one point claimed that he couldn’t travel because he didn’t have a passport. That seems a bit far-fetched because he is a citizen traveling within the country.

Whether Vicious really had an unpaid ticket that caused him to lose his license is unknown. Whether he was really told that he couldn’t pick up his airline ticket may never be known. What is known is that dozens of fans were left disappointed but made to feel a bit better when another wrestler dressed as Vicious and took his place in what could only be described as a comedic appearance.

What is also known is the general lesson here–while traffic tickets are certainly an inconvenience on many levels, unpaid or neglected tickets will be all that and more.  If you have a traffic ticket in New York, don’t ignore it. Doing so can have consequences you didn’t intend. Call our office today to discuss your legal options.