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New York failure to yield

In New York failure to yield is a traffic violation to for a vehicle. Sections 1140 through 1146-A of the Vehicle & Traffic code deal with right of way and your responsibilities.

The penalties for failure to yield violations carry 3 points.  In NYC, all charges under these (and any other sections of law) will either be dismissed entirely or guilty as charged following a hearing.  In other jurisdictions, prosecutors may consider lowering the violation to a lesser charge that doesn’t carry any points at all, but it’s important to note that the prosecutor would consider what type of failure to yield is in play.

A ticket issued for failing to move over and/or any failure to yield ticket issued after an accident can be more problematic when negotiating with a prosecutor than the other similar failure to yield violations.

If you have been charged with a failure to yield violation in New York and want assistance fighting your ticket, reach out to our office today.


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Should I fight the traffic ticket I got for failing to yield?

A failure to yield conviction may have an adverse effect on insurance rates and will result in three points added to your record in NY.  From our perspective, any violation like this is worth contesting. Even if it’s your first ticket ever it’s impossible to predict what the next month, week, year or more will bring.  Another ticket, a small accident…insurance and points can quickly add up so we don’t like to see people just plead guilty to any charge.

Will I need to go to court to fight my failure to yield ticket?

No.  In almost every single situation your attorney can appear in court on your behalf.

What happens if I don’t pay my failure to yield traffic ticket?

Failure to respond to any traffic violation will eventually result in the suspension of one’s driving privilege.  Whatever choice one makes after getting a ticket, failing to follow through with the case is the worst option.

How long will a failure to yield traffic ticket stay on my record?

A moving violation conviction in NY will be visible on your record for at least 3 years after the conviction date.  Any points from the ticket would be added to points from any other tickets issued during the same 18 month period as the failure to yield summons.

Will a failure to yield traffic ticket affect my insurance rate?

It certainly can.  The only NY licensed drivers safe from insurance increases according to NYS insurance laws are those with only one very small conviction on their record.  By “very small” we’re talking about some two-point or no point violations. This one is “big” enough on its own to move the insurance needle.


I received notice that my case was heard in Queens County and that both summonses were dismissed. To say the least, I was extremely happy. Speed and failure to signal dismissed.
Outstanding. I was expecting the worst and now I find out months later that we won. Really cool. Drinks on me! Disobey Traffic Device dismissed.
Adam S.
Thank you so much Scott. I have been very impressed with your service and common sense. Criminal misdemeanor reduced to a violation.
You guys have been a pleasure to deal with and I will certainly recommend your services - point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation
Christopher C.


Feifer & Greenberg attorneys have been representing clients with traffic tickets and driving-related misdemeanors in New York for over 20 years. Our firm has successfully settled or dismissed hundreds of thousands of traffic matters.  Each year we help a multitude of drivers avoid license points, costly fines, surcharges and insurance increases.




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