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Feifer & Greenberg, LLP
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Feifer & Greenberg has extensive experience assisting commercial drivers throughout New York City and New York State. In addition to assisting CDL holders with ordinary traffic violations, we regularly defend all commercial driving charges including those related to the weight and length of vehicles, various vehicle equipment and NYC tax stamps. Some truck tickets can be more serious than a typical traffic violation (a criminal misdemeanor) and many can come with high fines and surcharges and lead to points on your license.

CDL Holders

Commercial drivers need to be particularly careful when they have been charged with a driving related violation or misdemeanor

  • Convictions for commercial drivers can carry more severe penalties than the same violations for non-commercial drivers because commercial drivers are considered to have an extra responsibility to traffic safety. It is easier for a commercial driver to lose CDL privileges than a non-commercial personal license holder.
  • Commercial drivers don’t have the same safety net that non-commercial drivers do in the event privileges are suspended. If a non-commercial driver loses his privilege to drive he is eligible for a restricted use license to get to and from work. When a commercial driver loses his privilege to drive he will not be eligible for a restricted use license to drive a commercial vehicle.
  • Even traffic tickets that do not result in a loss of the privilege to drive a commercial vehicle can be extremely harmful. Many commercial drivers are covered by an employer insurance policy. We have been contacted by numerous people who lost their job after fighting (and losing) a case on their own. These commercial drivers were told by their employers that they would be too expensive to insure. Some employers have specific policies with respect to certain point totals or convictions.

Trucking Tickets Issued to a Corporation

Many trucking tickets are issued in the name of the company, not the driver. Be prepared to have an attorney appear on behalf of the corporation to represent the corporation in a criminal court. If you need assistance with such tickets we’d be happy to discuss.