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Brooklyn is the most heavily populated borough in New York City with more than 2.6 million residents living within its borders. Of those 2.6 million people, about 44 percent of households own a car. With all the “visiting” non-resident vehicles also on the road each day, we’re literally talking about millions of cars.  This means a lot of vehicle and traffic law enforcement and a lot of tickets issued.

New York City police enforcement officers are out there and looking for drivers who are breaking the law. While there are plenty of people who actually commit violations, many get caught up in marginal situations or even situations where they really did nothing wrong.  Regardless of how you may view your liability, it’s important to know that you have the right to fight your ticket.

At Feifer & Greenberg, our experienced Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyers understand the Traffic Violations Bureau and how to contest tickets in these administrative venues.  We’re always happy to offer free consultations to discuss your situation and the options available for handling your Brooklyn traffic ticket. Call us at (888) 842-5384 or contact us online today.

What Happens After You Get a Traffic Ticket in Brooklyn

The City of New York handles millions of traffic tickets every year. The Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), is part of the DMV and is the agency that adjudicates traffic violation charges throughout NYC.  When you are issued a ticket in NYC, the first thing to know is that you’re given 15 days to respond.  It’s not necessarily a very “hard” deadline but you’ll want to decide how your handling the case much sooner than later.  

Whether you choose to fight the ticket by pleading not guilty or decide to accept it and plead guilty, you can make your intentions known via the TVB online portal or via mail. We’ll always recommend using the portal so there’s no delay and there’s confirmation of the transaction. We also recommend speaking to one of our attorneys as soon as possible before you make your decision, especially if you are tempted to enter a guilty plea and just pay the ticket.

Fighting Your Ticket in the Borough of Brooklyn

If you choose to plead not guilty, you will be issued a court date and assigned to a particular TVB office, typically the one closest to where you received the citation. There are two TVB offices in Brooklyn, Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South. Both offices are open weekdays from 8:30 am to 4 pm   On Thursdays, hours are extended until 6 pm.

The Brooklyn North office is located at:

Atlantic Center Mall, 2nd Floor
625 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

The Brooklyn South office is in Coney Island at:

2875 West 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224

What Tickets Are Most Common in Brooklyn?

There are many different violations cited on summonses daily throughout Brooklyn. However, there are a few that are more common than others. By far, the most common is disobeying a traffic device. A violation of VTL §1110(a), disobeying a traffic control device (such as a no turns sign or a pavement marking directing traffic) can result in a fine and two points added to your license.

The next common violations are speeds between 11 and 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. These speeds are violations of VTL §1180 and come with a fine and points (11-20 over the limit is four points and 21-30 over the limit is six points.  S

It’s important to note that regardless of where in NYC you are fighting tickets, accumulating 11 or more points in 18 months can lead to a suspension. There are actually many different ways a license or privilege can be suspended–this is just another reason why a brief free consult with an attorney is usually a good idea before making any decisions regarding a plea to the charge.  

How Can a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Brooklyn Help Me?

A knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney should be able to offer an honest assessment of your situation.  This includes a discussion of the charge, whether you have a history driving that merits a closer look and what your options are moving forward.  Ultimately, an attorney’s first job is to put you in a position to make an informed decision regarding how you’ll want to handle the case. If retained, the traffic attorney’s job in NYC then turns to a focus on dismissing the ticket(s) at hand.  

Speak to a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Brooklyn Today

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket in Brooklyn, always remember that you have the right to fight it. Call the Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyers at Feifer & Greenberg today at (888) 842-5384 or contact us online for your free, no-obligation open and honest consultation.


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