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With 479,000 living on Staten Island, it is the least populous of New York City’s five boroughs. At the same time, there are a large number of people driving on and through Staten Island each day.  With no connection to the NYC subways and as a conduit for travel between Long Island / NYC and New Jersey, it’s ripe for traffic enforcement and the issuance of a variety of traffic tickets.

A ticket to a Staten Islander, like with other NYC drivers, may mean hefty penalties and a potential legal and/or financial bind.  Feifer & Greenberg understands these concerns and feels it’s important people understand that you don’t just have to accept every ticket you are handed. You can always fight your Staten Island traffic ticket and the goal in each situation is a complete dismissal of the charge.  Feifer and Greenberg fights many tickets in each Traffic Violations Bureau every day and understands how to effectively fight tickets through this administrative processes.

Protect your money, your license, your insurance…even your livelihood in some cases by working with a Staten Island traffic ticket lawyer the next time you’re charged with a moving violation in Richmond County.  If you’re currently are dealing with such a ticket feel free to reach out for a free, no obligation case review. Call (888) 842-5384 or contact us online now.

What You Should Do After You Get a Traffic Ticket in Staten Island

If you have been pulled over and issued a ticket, the first decision that needs to be made is whether you are pleading guilty (just paying the ticket and accepting the points) or not guilty (scheduling a hearing and fighting)   We recommend that no matter what you do you try to do it online through the TVB web portal so you aren’t left “hoping” any mail you send gets properly processed in a timely manner.  You do have the option of going to a Traffic Violation Bureau office in person to enter pleas as well.  

Keep in mind that the TVB (as it says on your ticket) wants to hear from you one way or the other within 15 days of getting the ticket.  While they won’t always hold you to that deadline, we wouldn’t suggest pushing too far beyond that if you want to make sure you have no issues as you contest your summons.  

With a relatively quick response necessary, right after getting the ticket tends to be a good time to reach out for a quick consultation with an attorney.  Even if you are leaning towards paying the ticket and pleading guilty, it may be worth a quick chat before doing anything that you cannot reverse.

How to Fight Your Ticket in Staten Island

Pleading “not guilty” to your ticket gives you the opportunity to have a hearing on a scheduled hearing date in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). At your hearing, you (or your attorney) would dispute whether there is “clear and convincing evidence” that your violation occurred by trying to poke any holes you can in the testimony provided by the issuing police officer who will also be there.

During these hearings, it is a big advantage to know the specific elements of the charge(s) you are facing as well as which of these elements the particular ALJ may deem most necessary to the case.  Anyone can fight their own ticket but the average person who isn’t there and appearing in front of these Judges on a daily basis may not be familiar with the types of arguments that may be the most convincing to the presiding ALJ.

While no TVB hearing is a sure dismissal in any case (lawyer or no lawyer), Staten Island has the reputation of being the most difficult of all the TVB offices in NYC.   If you fight a ticket there and are not successful getting it dismissed, you can request an appeal in certain circumstances. You can see if your conviction meets the TVB criteria for appeals and file your appeal online or by mail.  While there’s little harm in trying, appeals of NYC moving violations are incredibly difficult to win.  All motorists are better off putting the effort into the initial TVB hearing as that is likely going to be the best chance to win.  

Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) Address

There is only one TVB office on Staten Island, which is located in the West Shore Plaza area. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, except on Thursdays when they stay open until 6 p.m.

The official designation of the Staten Island TVB office is that it is in “Richmond.” You can find the address below:

Richmond (Staten Island) TVB
West Shore Plaza
1775 South Avenue
Suite 2
Staten Island, NY 10314

Why You Should Fight Your Ticket with the Help of a Staten Island Traffic Ticket Attorney

Typical traffic violations can get costly.  Fines and surcharges can be a couple of hundred dollars and points based assessments make everything that much more costly once a driver hits six points total on a license.

On top of fines and surcharges, convictions will lead to point accumulation on your license.  Any time you receive six or more points in an 18 month period, you will be hit with a driver responsibility assessment fee starting at $300 and going up $75/point after six points total. Eleven or more points can mean that your license gets suspended.

Not responding to or paying your ticket on time can also cause your license to get suspended.  If you are handling a case on your own, make sure you stay on top of every aspect of it.  

Insurance is another big potential cost when it comes to moving violations.  Just a single violation could cause your car insurance rates to go up and in some cases where a record starts to get bad they may even consider dropping you from their policy altogether.

Drivers have the legal right to dispute their tickets rather than rolling over and accepting the financial and legal consequences.

Speak with an Experienced Staten Island Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Free

Have an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Staten Island help you find the best course of action regarding your ticket or license situation.  Find out what your options are when you speak to one of our NYC traffic attorneys during your consultation. Always no cost and no obligation.

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