Our Process

When someone hires us to fight a traffic ticket or driving related misdemeanor, this is how it typically proceeds:

You contact us for a consultation.  We offer hundreds of free, straight-forward and honest consultations and case assessments every week.  Some people decide to hire us, some don’t need or want to.  There’s never an obligation.

You decide you’d like our help.  If you determine hiring us is your best option, we’ll walk you through the process.  We just need to collect a little contact and case information and then we’ll forward an Introduction Package prepared for your individual case with all the paperwork and information you’ll need.  Everything is easily set up over the phone and you’ll never need to come to our office if you don’t want to.

We prepare for and attend court.   Your Case Manager and our attorneys regularly review our upcoming cases to make sure we have everything in order and all the information we need.  Ultimately, we’ll of course handle the matter in the appropriate court.  What we do in court and how we go about this process depends on which type of court your case is in.   Read more about the different types of New York traffic courts.

We provide updates through the end.  After a court date or other significant deadline or change in status to a case, we’ll touch base to let you know what is going on.  When a case is finished, we provide results and any further instructions if necessary and remain available to answer any questions you may have.