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Our Process, Benefits, and More

Feifer & Greenberg is a vehicle and traffic law firm. Unlike other firms, this is all we do, and we feel it shows in our results. We’re not stretched between fifty practice areas; we focus exclusively on traffic tickets and driving penalties, and we’ll use that targeted focus to represent you with clarity and vigor.

Our Process Benefits

We’re proud to offer free consultations to drivers who have been issued traffic tickets in New York City and elsewhere in the state. These consultations provide an opportunity for people to ask questions about their violation, learn potential penalties and what might be done to avoid those penalties, and how our firm may be able to help. We make it a point to be very straight forward during these consultations. We only want people to hire us who can benefit from our services. If someone is unlikely to benefit from our services or we are otherwise not a good fit, we want to make sure they know it.


After being charged with vehicle or traffic violations, our clients generally have at least one of the following concerns:

  • Client has a clean record and wants to keep it that way/avoid points.
  • Client has a bad record or a particularly serious case and is concerned with a suspension of driving privileges.
  • Client is worried about insurance increases.
  • Client is worried about large fines/surcharges.
  • Client has been charged with a misdemeanor and is concerned with a permanent criminal record.
  • Client is concerned with loss of a CDL or job loss in general or inability to do their job due to some driving restrictions.


Once someone does decide to hire us, we get started right away. We’ll walk you through a quick initial intake process and confirm we have all your contact and case information. Depending on the location and type of case, sometimes we can retrieve much of it online and sometimes we’ll need you to forward a copy of case paperwork or provide us with a few details over the phone.


After confirming we have the basic information to get started, we’ll forward our introductory paperwork put together for your case. While this paperwork can differ slightly depending on the location and type of case, we will include a simple agreement setting forth what our responsibilities are as your attorney and an authorization to let the court know we are permitted to proceed on your behalf. Everything is easily set up over phone or email or fax. Clients rarely need to come to our office unless they want to.

2. Preparing for Court

With all the initial activity out of the way, our attention is turned toward preparing for court. We make sure not guilty pleas have been entered, hearing dates are set and we’re on file as the attorney of record in courts and cases where this is appropriate. We will confirm we have any paperwork or other information (evidence in certain cases) we need prior to the court date. Eventually, your court date will come. What we do in court and how we go about this depends somewhat on which type of court your case is in. Read more about the different types of New York traffic courts.

3. Continuous Updates

After a court date or other significant deadline or change in status to a case, we’ll touch base to let you know what is going on. We’ll also be in touch during the life of a case if we need to discuss or review anything with you. When a case is finished, we provide results and any further instructions if necessary and remain available to answer any questions you may have. We understand that legal matters inherently cause a certain amount of stress, but our goal is to handle the entire case on behalf of a client in a manner that is as simple and as stress-free as possible. If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket in New York, call us today at (888) 445-9886 (888-Tickethelp) or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.


How we typically handle a case depends a good deal on the charges at hand, the driving history, the client’s individual goals and which type of New York traffic court is handling the case.

1. Plea Bargaining

In the local courts, plea bargaining (reduction of a serious violation to a less serious violation) is an available option. In some cases we may be able to leverage this into an arrangement that keeps driving privileges intact, prevents insurance increases or avoids hefty state surcharges. In other cases, we may have to consider more aggressive options if we can’t achieve our goals via a plea bargain.

2. Hearings at the Traffic Violations Bureau

In the Traffic Violations Bureau (NYC), there is no plea bargaining available and we will be proceeding to a hearing. Here, we will cross examine the prosecuting officer and submit arguments to the court based on the officer’s testimony, his notes and recollection of the incident and our extensive understanding of what arguments the Judges at the TVB typically accept. Moreover, we understand that the Judges at the TVB have discretion on certain matters that local court judges don’t and we’ll use this knowledge to help shape our TVB strategy and the arguments we set forth on behalf of clients.


Our attorneys work hard to create a positive experience for you every step of the way, from your first contact through the close of your case. No other traffic ticket firm can compete with our experience, customer service, and results.

1. Honesty and Transparency

If we do not feel that your case merits retaining an attorney, we will tell you that in no uncertain terms. Sometimes there is little or nothing to gain by hiring an attorney. Sometimes the stakes are so insignificant that it isn’t worth hiring an attorney. In other words, if we don’t think we can help we won’t take the case. While we will only accept your case if we feel we can help, there is never a guarantee of a particular outcome. Our clients frequently ask whether there are such guarantees and we unequivocally answer “no.” The only guarantees we can offer are:

  • Representation that you receive from our highly-skilled traffic ticket attorneys will significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Building off our successful track record of thousands of drivers across New York, we’ll  help you avoid points and penalties, protect your driving privileges, and keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.
  • We will try every possible avenue to seek a successful outcome for you in your case.

2. Singular Representation

We’re a vehicle and traffic law firm. Unlike other firms, this is all we do, and we feel it shows in our results. We’re not stretched between fifty practice areas; we focus exclusively on traffic tickets and driving penalties, and we’ll use that targeted focus to represent you with intention, clarity, and vigor.

3. Unparalleled Preparation

Case managers are assigned to each one of our cases and these managers are charged with reviewing cases at least one week prior to the court date and prepping our attorneys to make sure all is in order. We don’t want any surprises or last minute scrambling if we can avoid it. If there is any problem with your case or any further information is needed you can expect a call from our office.

4. Knowledge of Local Counties and Courts

Many attorneys will travel hours to handle a single case if they are not part of a good statewide network of attorneys. Trying to cover many counties with fewer attorneys leads to higher fees, stressed-out lawyers arriving late to court, and lesser results. Feifer & Greenberg has built a large, reliable statewide network of in-house and of-counsel attorneys who are familiar with the courts they appear in.  No matter where in New York your case is, our statewide coverage enables us to charge the same low flat fees and provide the same experienced representation. Our attorneys…

  • Know how to set individualized strategies based on the venue, the charge(s) in question, and your personal goals that will maximize your chances for success
  • Recognize that different courts and different judges accept different arguments and different evidence and that intimate knowledge of these differences is critical for success
  • Have the ability to successfully defend a motorist without the motorist ever attending court—many clients retain our services because they would like to contest the summons but do not have the time to appear in court
  • Will guide our clients through the entire process from how to answer the summons through completion of the case.

5. Outstanding Communication

We provide updates as your case progresses and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make sure you know what’s happening, that we are prepared, and that we remain on the same page through the conclusion of your case.


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