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1172 of the NYS VTL is the specific stop sign section.

1142 of the VTL deals with the concept of “yielding” the right of way to other vehicles you might encounter in the intersection after stopping at a stop sign. The emphasis there is on not entering the intersection until you are certain you won’t be hitting another vehicle. This section points to 1172, the section an officer would charge someone with violating, as the sections that sets for the need to and rules for the actual stopping.

Essentially, the rules set forth that you must stop when at a stop sign. The statute is mostly about where to stop.

-If there’s a stop line, stop there.

-If there’s just a crosswalk and no stop sign, then stop before entering the crosswalk.

-If there’s neither a stop line nor a crosswalk, then stop at the point nearest to the intersection where you have a view of the intersection.

The discussion of where to stop is really just a theoretical one. In just about any case where a motorist has been charged with disobeying a stop sign, it’s about a failure to come to a complete stop at any point prior to entering the intersection. Rarely if ever will you see an officer admit the vehicle stopped but argue it stopped at the wrong place.

1172 of the VTL is a three (3) point violation.



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