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What To Do If You Are Pulled Over in New York

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If you see those lights behind you or an officer waiving you to the side of the road, do not assume you are being issued a traffic ticket. I believe, just based on casual conversation with police officers that maybe 25% or more of car stops do not result in a traffic citation. Perhaps it’s a minor equipment malfunction or other issue that will simply result in a warning or perhaps the officer is just in a good mood. My advice is to talk, act and think as if there is still a chance that you can and will avoid being issued a traffic ticket.

With that in mind, here is what you can do (or not do) or say (or not say) after you are pulled over but before you are issued a traffic ticket that may help you avoid being charged with a traffic violation.

Some officers are going to issue the speeding ticket or other traffic ticket no matter what you do. However, the “art” of avoiding traffic tickets shouldn’t end once you are pulled over. There is still hope and following these tips can only help.


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