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City in New York Releases Results of Seat Belt Campaign

The city of Riverhead recently undertook a two-week campaign urging citizens to secure their seat belts. Called “Buckle Up New York,” the campaign ran from May 22 through June. There were safety checkpoints held four times during the day and one checkpoint held at night. As a result of the checkpoints, 59 citations were issued for seat belt violations, 139 citations for other traffic infractions, and five citations for child restraints.

Overall, there were 528 summonses issued while the campaign ran. Summonses included 102 for seat belt violations, 372 for other traffic violations, and six child restraint violations. Other traffic violations that were noted included unlicensed drivers, un-inspected vehicles and unregistered vehicles. To take part in the campaign, the Riverhead Police Department was required to survey seat belt compliance both before and after the campaign ran.

At the beginning of the campaign, police officers noted that there was a seat belt compliance rate of 92 percent. That rate rose by 2 percent at the conclusion of the campaign. Because the campaign has ended, it is expected that the compliance rate will slowly return to its 92 percent average. The department plans to continue to place an emphasis on proper seat belt use through their traffic enforcement efforts.

Throughout New York state, seat belt use is considered an issue of primary enforcement. That means that a person can be pulled over if the officer notices the driver is not wearing a seat belt. In other states, seat belt violations are considered secondary, and citations may only be issued if the driver is first pulled over for something else.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in New York, you have rights. Reach out to our team of experienced traffic ticket attorneys for assistance in defending yourself against your charges.

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