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Common New York Traffic Charges

Common NY Traffic Violations and Misdemeanors

The following is a list of violations and misdemeanors we commonly see cited on traffic tickets throughout New York State.

Click on a violation below read more about the individual section of law.  Over time, we hope to expand this and offer more violations and more information on each.

VTL §1180 Speeding

VTL §1225(c) Cellphone and §1225(d) Portable electronic devices

VTL §1110(a) Disobey a Traffic Control Device

VTL §1212 Reckless Driving

VTL §511 Aggravated Unlicensed Operation – AUO

VTL §1160 Improper Turn

VTL §1229-c Seat Belts

VTL §1174(a) Failure to Stop for a School Bus

VTL §1151 Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian, NYC Traffic Rules §4-04(b)

VTL $1140-1146 Failure to Yield to a Vehicle

VTL §1144(a) Failure to Move Over

VTL §1163  Failure to Signal

VTL §1128  Unsafe Lane Change

VTL §319 Uninsured Operation

VTL §1111 Red light and other traffic signals

VTL §1172 Stop sign

VTL §1175 Spillback – Blocking the box – Obstructing traffic at an intersection

VTL §1127 One-Way, driving the wrong direction

VTL §1129 Tailgating – Follow Too Closely