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Do I Need A Traffic Ticket Lawyer In New York?

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New York traffic ticket attorneys

Many people will ask whether they need a traffic ticket lawyer to assist with their case. There is no quick answer–every case is different.

Your free consultation with our firm is your opportunity to better assess and understand your particular situation and determine whether you will ultimately need or want to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight your speeding ticket, help clear a suspended driver license, etc. We will take the time to consult with you and give you an honest assessment of your case. The decision to retain a traffic ticket lawyer is ultimately a combination of a few different factors.

How severe is your traffic law problem?

The more serious the potential consequences are the more likely it is you’ll want an attorney at your side. A traffic ticket that carries points and potential insurance increases warrants legal representation more than one that doesn’t. Is there a possible suspension? Employment issue? What is your monetary liability relative to the cost of hiring a traffic attorney?

How complicated is your situation?

Perhaps your issue isn’t too severe but nevertheless somewhat confusing to navigate. The TVB and local courts don’t always make things easy for people. In fact, some industry insiders suggest they purposely keep things confusing (unsure what to do or how to do it and discouraged about the prospects of success, people are less likely to fight and more likely to pay).

Where is your case?

Location matters. If a court is across the street from your job or residence you are more likely to appear and represent yourself than someone facing a five hour round trip. Convenience is a factor when paying for a service and legal services are no different.

How much will a traffic ticket attorney cost?

We believe our fees are fair.  However, everyone’s financial situation is different. You’ll need to consider the cost relative to the potential consequences of the case and your own personal financial situation.

Can a traffic lawyer help?

Some penalties are automatic and there’s simply nothing we can do to help. Certainly, don’t hire an attorney if nothing can be done. It is important to consider your goals and whether a traffic ticket attorney increases your chances of reaching them. Ask yourself…Has the attorney set forth that he can help? Do I feel comfortable with this attorney? Is he experienced? What are the chances of a favorable outcome?