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Feifer & Greenberg, LLP
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Experienced NY Traffic Ticket Attorneys

You understand the consequences of traffic ticket convictions and know the reasons you should plead not guilty and fight. Points, insurance increases, suspensions/revocations, employment issues, large state assessments …

The fact is that your chances of success (avoiding these consequences) are significantly greater when represented by an experienced traffic ticket attorney. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how much research you do in an effort to represent yourself. Even if you are an attorney yourself, there can never be a substitute for specialized attorneys that deal with issues like yours each and every day.

Our attorneys…

  • Understand the level of evidence and specific testimony that must be offered to sustain a guilty finding for any given charge
  • Know how to set an individualized strategy based on the venue, the charge(s) in question and your personal goals that will maximize the chances for success
  • Recognize that different courts and different judges accept different arguments and different evidence and that intimate knowledge of these differences is critical for success
  • Have the ability to successfully defend a motorist without the motorist ever attending court—many clients retain our services because they would like to contest the summons but do not have the time to appear in court
  • Will guide our clients through the entire process from how to answer the summons through completion of the case

An honest case assessment

If we do not feel that your case merits retaining an attorney, we will tell you that in no uncertain terms. Sometimes there is little or nothing to gain by hiring an attorney. Sometimes the stakes are so insignificant that it isn’t worth hiring an attorney. In other words, if we don’t think we can help we won’t take the case.

While we will only accept your case if we feel we can help, there is never a guarantee of a particular outcome. Our clients frequently ask whether there are such guarantees and we unequivocally answer “no”. The only guarantees we can offer are:

  • Representation by experienced NY traffic ticket lawyers on speeding tickets and other matters will significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome in most cases.
  • We have indeed successfully represented thousands of motorists all over the state by keeping points off their records, keeping insurance premiums as low as possible and protecting driving privileges.
  • We will do everything we can to seek a successful outcome for each of our clients.

We’ll make this easy

Representation by Feifer & Greenberg is designed to make things as simple and stress-free as possible. With an informative consultation, excellent communication, simple explanations and the assignment of a personal Case Manager to serve as your primary firm contact, we do our best to make your traffic ticket one less thing to worry about, not one more.

Read more about how a standard case starts and progresses with our firm. It’s easier than you may think.

Still not sure whether Feifer & Greenberg is right for you?

If you are unsure whether you need an attorney at all, or are considering representing yourself, read our take on whether to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

If you believe you may need an attorney but are not still not sure which firm to hire, read more about how Feifer & Greenberg compares to other New York traffic ticket law firms.