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Don’t Take to Social Media to Discuss Your Ticket

Social media is an outlet for some and a way to get news for others. Some check their social media accounts when they remember to do so, and others check their accounts multiple times daily. No matter how you use social media or what your reasons are for doing so, here is one piece of advice: Don’t take to social media to discuss or otherwise complain about your traffic ticket.

A man in Mississippi was recently stopped in Clinton. Following his traffic stop and subsequent citation, he took to Facebook to complain about the incident. The young man posted a video, ranting about the whole situation. In his rant, the man threatened to “mug” the police officer that issued the citation. Residents in the city saw the Facebook video and contacted the police. The young man quickly found himself under arrest.

Chief Ford Hayman said, “We take threats against officer very seriously and will not tolerate behavior that threatens our officers.” The man was charged with felony threat against a public servant. He was arrested, booked and then released on a $25,000 bond.

Any person who receives a traffic ticket in New York or is otherwise arrested is urged to stay off social media to speak of your incident. This is especially true if you are angry. The only person you should be talking to if you plan to fight your charges is an experienced attorney.

If you have received a traffic ticket in New York, call our office today for assistance in standing up for your rights in court. We will discuss your incident with you at no cost and advise you of your legal options.