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Avoid traffic tickets, New York, and save your money.

These are tough times and we are all hurting.  Almost every type of business is touched either directly or indirectly.  If your business is one of the few to thrive, you are still left with various investments now worth a fraction of what they once were.

While many families cut expenses, there are some things you can’t avoid. Avoid eating out, but you still must eat.  Cars need gas and servicing.  Kids need clothes, etc.

You can, however, exercise a good deal of control when it comes to fees and fines paid to the NYS DMV for traffic tickets, license suspensions and other driving related issues.  Considering the economy and the fact that that many of these fees and fines are rising at an alarming rate, it’s more important than ever to follow these very simple rules:

1.  Before you operate a vehicle in NY, make sure the brake lights and turn signals and headlights are all in working order.

2.  Make sure your paperwork is up to date and available.  In particular, your driver license, automobile insurance and vehicle registration.

3. If for some reason your license is suspended for prior issues, clear it ASAP and prior to driving.  Driving with a suspended license (AUO) is a misdemeanor in New York and you are only heading for bigger problems if you drive while suspended.  Take cabs and/or get rides in the meantime.

4.  Obey the NY speed limits.  How much faster are you going to get there?  Is it worth a speeding ticket?

5.  Obey New York traffic control devices and red light signals.  No left turn sign?  How about making a right turn and then a u-turn?  Red light?  Just stop and wait.  Again, how much faster are you getting there and is it worth the potential expense?

6.  Use your turn signal when changing lanes and when turning at an intersection.  A simple flick of the wrist and you can avoid unnecessary scrutiny from any nearby enforcement officers.

7.  If you get pulled over for some reason, keep your hands still and seatbelt on.  Don’t make the officer nervous or tempted to charge you with multiple NY traffic violations instead of just one.

8.  If you do get pulled over, be nice.  Perhaps you are only getting a friendly New York warning instead of a less friendly NY traffic ticket.

9.  If you are charged with a moving violation or misdemeanor under the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law or the NYC Traffic Rules, fight it.  Make the state prove it’s case if it’s a NYC traffic ticket or potentially pursue a plea bargain in one of the state local village, town or county courts.

10.  Take a NYS DMV approved point and insurance reduction class every 18 months.  If you have driver license points, this will reduce your total by four.  It’s also good for a 10% decrease in your insurance rates regardless of your point situation.  Moreover, now that DMV has made the defensive driving class available online, it’s easier than ever to complete.

Submitted by New York traffic violations lawyer Scott Feifer