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Have I Been Charged with an Infraction or a Misdemeanor?

Have I Been Charged with an Infraction or a Misdemeanor

When you are issued a traffic ticket in New York, they “typical” ticket you might expect to receive is for a moving “violation”.  Speeding tickets, red light tickets, portable electronic device tickets…all are examples of moving violations.  Violations are considered infractions and are the lowest type of “criminal” (as compared to a civil) charge.  There […]

Simple Holiday Driving Tips. Avoid The Following

I’ve seen all the year end lists this week. Ten ways to avoid weight gain, to avoid stress, for gift giving, gift getting, ten thing you can do to end your year strong and for making 2013 resolutions. Here’s our list…what NOT to do while driving during the holidays. 1. Drink before driving. It’s pretty […]