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Can I Speak On My Cell Phone While Driving In NY?

Two people looking at their phones in a car.

Can I speak on my cell phone while driving in NY? We’ve all been in the position where our phone rings while we’re driving or we remember that we need to make an important call.  Fortunately, the hands free bluetooth connections that were a luxury when distracted driving first became a prominent issue are now […]

Lexi Jackson Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship

Lexi Jackson headshot

Lexi Jackson Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship Feifer & Greenberg, LLC is proud to announce that Lexi Jackson has been awarded the TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship, worth $1,000. When Lexi was 11, she faced a horror no child should endure: Her father was involved in a near-fatal car wreck. In a fit of road rage, […]

The Most Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers

Beautiful young people on a road trip on a summers day

The Most Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers Being a new driver has its ups and downs. It’s exciting to finally be behind the wheel of a car, independently navigating your course. It’s also a bit stressful knowing that you may be faced with situations you aren’t entirely prepared for. As with many things in […]

Simple Holiday Driving Tips. Avoid The Following

I’ve seen all the year end lists this week. Ten ways to avoid weight gain, to avoid stress, for gift giving, gift getting, ten thing you can do to end your year strong and for making 2013 resolutions. Here’s our list…what NOT to do while driving during the holidays. 1. Drink before driving. It’s pretty […]

NY May Crack Down Further On Texting While Driving

Governor Cuomo plans to introduce a bill to toughen existing laws prohibiting drivers from texting or use of portable electronic devices while driving. The bill closes loopholes and adds stricter penalties for distracted driving, which contributes to more than 10,000 crashes per year in New York state. Cuomo issued a statement on the bill:  “Every […]