Police Asking for Gifts Instead of Money

A police department in Pennsylvania is issuing a new type of “ticket” during the holidays.  Expecting to receive a document detailing the charges and fines due, drivers were surprised to see that they were given a flyer asking for toys instead.


The St. Marys City Police Department began its Read More

Blunder Costing the City Millions

New York City has been forced to issue refunds for or altogether dismiss certain recently issued parking tickets.  The city has lost nearly $36 million due to a simple error.  


According to reports, the city’s Department of Finance discovered that a desired change had not been applied to the Read More

Cop Stalked by Angry Driver

It’s understandable if someone isn’t happy after receiving a ticket.  Perhaps you blame yourself for committing an infraction or not paying better attention or perhaps you blame an officer who has charged you with committing an infraction you are sure you didn’t commit.  In either situation, there’s clearly a “wrong” Read More

Woman Gets Out of Town Ticket, Didn’t Travel

If you think you were irritated the last time you received a traffic ticket, imagine how frustrated you would be if you received one from a place you had never been. A Hilton woman says that is what happened to her and there is no way she’s guilty.


According Read More

Turkeys, Not Tickets, in Montana

While news reports might typically focus on police misbehavior rather than the good they often do for the community, there is certainly plenty of good to discuss as well.  One such story has surfaced In Montana where a local police department recently made the news for handing out something a Read More

Watch Your Driving During Daylight Saving Time

If you have found yourself arriving at your destination with no idea how you really got there, you aren’t alone. Commuters everyday get this feeling. It comes from driving the same route every day and falling into a sort of autopilot zone. That feeling can get worse after we change Read More

Second Person Accused of False Report

Previously, we wrote regarding an item in the news about a woman who had called emergency services to report a crime in the hopes that the officer following her would turn off to respond to the crime. The police in that situation quickly realized that the reported crime was a Read More

County Legislator Not Happy About Being Pulled Over

It’s fair to say that no one wants to be pulled over by the police and handed a citation. While it’s irritating and sometimes frightening, most people accept their ticket and drive away. Not so for an Ulster County Legislator who was recently issued a ticket.


A recently released Read More

Mayor Has Plan for Traffic

If you live in or near Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn, you know that traffic can be a nightmare. Congestion has been in the news lately, especially in certain boroughs, as police have come under fire for potentially causing as much congestion as they perhaps are preventing with aggressive enforcement.   

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No More Job for Judge Who Dropped Daughter’s Ticket

While it’s admirable to always be there for and be willing to do anything for your children, sometimes you just have to walk away if your help will cross ethical boundaries and violate the public trust.  Such was the lesson learned recently by a town Justice in Broome County whose Read More