Delivery Professionals Risking Traffic Tickets to Earn a Living

Move through any major city and you are likely to encounter at least one bike messenger. These people are often in business for themselves, pedaling deliveries from business to business. These men and women can ride nearly 50 miles a day in a business where speed equals money.  

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The Future of Traffic Tickets in New York

Self-driving cars once seemed to be a thing of the future. When you were young, you imagined these vehicles as something your children or their children would own. The future has come faster than we believed. Self-driving cars are a reality, though currently unaffordable for many.

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Do HOAs Have Police Powers?

People who live in neighborhood controlled by a homeowners association are used to living under certain restrictions. HOAs often have rules regarding fence installation, exterior paint colors and even upkeep of property. Imagine, though, the surprise a resident in Arizona experienced when he received a letter from his HOA warning Read More

Uber Driver Physically Fights Officers

We’ve all been there. We get pulled over for what we believe is nonsense and we get angry. We run to feed the meter just as a parking attendant is slipping a ticket under our wiper. In most cases, people get angry but they go on with their day. That Read More

Remembering the Routine Traffic Stop that Halted Son of Sam

An interesting story has been revived by news recently to mark an important anniversary. People of a certain age may have known the story but forgotten it. Those who are quite a bit younger may be hearing it for the first time. It’s been 40 years since Son of Sam Read More

Get Ready to Pay More in Suffolk County

Last year, Suffolk County scrapped a proposal to raise the price of some traffic tickets after a public outcry. Now, the county is revisiting the idea.

According to reports, a controversial surcharge is once again being considered by the Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau. The surcharge would double current administrative Read More

Brooklyn Is Your Best Chance to Not Get a Ticket

It’s not unusual for drivers to slow down when they know speed traps or cameras are present on a certain stretch of roadway. Likewise, it is not unusual for people to drive just a bit faster when they know they can get away with it. Though not recommended, citizens are Read More