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Blunder Costing the City Millions

New York City has been forced to issue refunds for or altogether dismiss certain recently issued parking tickets.  The city has lost nearly $36 million due to a simple error.  


According to reports, the city’s Department of Finance discovered that a desired change had not been applied to the tickets that had already been issued. The particular section of the parking rules that required display of a Muni Meter receipt in a parked vehicle in certain areas was changed but that change was not reflected on the tickets issued.  With the wrong violation code appearing on the tickets, city officials were forced to deem them “defective.”


To right their wrong, any registered vehicle owner issued a ticket with the wrong code on it had the ticket dismissed or fines already paid refunded. Officials said that it was important to be fair to the citizens. Drivers have been receiving letters that read, in part:


“We are writing to inform you that a change in the New York City Traffic Rules, the summons(es) issued to your vehicle(s) for either failing to display a parking meter receipt or displaying a parking meter receipt while parked in a parking meter zone contained an error and will be administratively dismissed.”

To date, there have been just under 401,000 refunds issued and nearly 107,000 dismissals.
If you have been charged with a violation stemming from use of your vehicle in New York, you do not need to automatically assume the issuing officer or agency was “right” and that you have no choice but to plead guilty and pay.  You do have options.  If it’s a parking or other non moving violation (a fine only), you can always follow the instructions on the ticket to plead not guilty and contest the charge.  If it’s a moving violation where the penalties are more severe than just a fine (points, insurance increases, assessments, etc.), you may want to reach out to us for a free consultation.  We’re happy to discuss your options and how we challenge moving violations throughout New York State.