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Cop Stalked by Angry Driver

It’s understandable if someone isn’t happy after receiving a ticket.  Perhaps you blame yourself for committing an infraction or not paying better attention or perhaps you blame an officer who has charged you with committing an infraction you are sure you didn’t commit.  In either situation, there’s clearly a “wrong” way to deal with the ticket.  An incident last week in New York City is such an example.


A New York City officer issued a traffic ticket to a man for making an improper turn. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. After completing the stop, the officer continued performing his duties, eventually pulling over another driver.


The officer was dealing with the second driver when he noticed the first sitting in his parked vehicle behind the officer’s patrol car. The man was instructed to move along. Instead of following the officer’s instruction, the man followed the police officer to a third traffic stop, video taping him. The man was again instructed to move along and he refused.


The angry man then invited the officer to take off his gun and badge and “throw down.” The man, according to police, then drove toward the police officer, almost striking him with his vehicle. The man was ultimately arrested and charged with harassment, stalking, menacing and obstruction of governmental administration.


It is unknown if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident. It is also unknown why the man became so incensed over what could have been a simple traffic citation.
If you have received a traffic ticket in New York, there are some options available to you.  Stay calm and don’t give the officer any further ammunition against you in court or reason to add additional charges to the original traffic violation.  If you’ve been issued a ticket recently and would like to discuss what you can do about it, feel free to reach out to our team.  We’re always happy to provide a free open and honest case evaluation.

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