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County Legislator Not Happy About Being Pulled Over

It’s fair to say that no one wants to be pulled over by the police and handed a citation. While it’s irritating and sometimes frightening, most people accept their ticket and drive away. Not so for an Ulster County Legislator who was recently issued a ticket.


A recently released video from a police dash cam shows the woman getting upset, angry and even hyperventilating. The video was of a May 24 traffic stop in the town of Ulster. The woman can be seen in the video pleading her case, asking the officer not to give her a traffic ticket. The entire incident between the officer and the legislator lasted for approximately 26 minutes.

The woman was pulled over for speeding. Officers allege that she was driving 43 mph in a 30 mph zone. The officer explains his reason for the stop, and the woman tells him she was just keeping up with traffic. Things took a strange turn shortly after. The woman is seen doubled over while talking on her cell phone, telling the officer that she is having a panic attack but refusing medical attention, and then accusing the officer of singling her out.


Throughout the interaction, the woman can be heard interrupting the officer repeatedly, asking him not to give her a ticket. Her outbursts continued throughout the stop. Once the video was released to the public, the woman apologized for her behavior.
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