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Intersection Change Spurring Hundreds of Tickets in Mass.

Massachusetts is known for many things, including some confusing intersections in major cities like Boston and its neighbor, Cambridge. One such intersection in Cambridge is Inman Square. At the beginning of November, the intersection was changed to eliminate many of the left turns that made Inman Square so dangerous. Specifically, it eliminated the following left turns:

  • South on Hampshire Street toward Cambridge Street eastbound
  • West on Cambridge Street toward Antrim Street southbound
  • North on Hampshire Street toward Cambridge Street westbound

The goal of these changes is to cut down on motor vehicle accidents in the complex and incredibly busy intersection, especially ones involving pedestrians and bicyclists. In the three weeks after implementing the changes, Cambridge police had patrolled the area nearly 50 times. They began by giving out verbal warnings to help drivers acclimate to the new rules. However, the have since given out 133 citations, each carrying a fine of $20. The police department believes they have actually issued at least 200 tickets tickets, but because there is a delay in citation processing, those tickets have not been recorded yet.

Plans to adjust traffic flow in Inman Square have been considered for quite a while. However, those plans were expedited when a motorist was killed in the intersection over the summer. They have since put up new signs to leading to the intersection, posted on message boards and also created social media updates warning driver of the changes. The police department expects that there will still be confusion as drivers stick to old habits, but they hope the changes will be adopted quickly.

The City of Cambridge is also planning on making other changes to Inman Square to make it even safer; the elimination of some left-hand turns are just the beginning.

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