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Keep all your traffic ticket related paperwork even after the matter is closed

Please–If you pay a traffic ticket or beat a traffic ticket or otherwise close out a matter in the TVB or other NY traffic court, hold on to any and all related paperwork. You should never need it again but it’s worth keeping just in case.

Dekalb County, Georgia currently has a little bit of a mess on their hands. People that paid traffic tickets years ago are receiving notification that they owe money and are late on the same ticket they already paid. No one is sure what went wrong or why, but clearly something did.

One woman explained about getting arrested during a routine car stop on an unrelated matter when her license showed and old unpaid ticket. Fortunately for her, she had the old paperwork to prove the error.

Not everyone will be so fortunate and it will be interesting to see how the county will determine what money is legitimately due on old tickets and what is a result of this error.

Our advice in New York? Just hold on to your paperwork and assume nothing when it comes to matters such as these. You never know.