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New Jersey Crosswalk Nets 29 Citations

Drivers should use caution near a crosswalk no matter where they are, but they should be especially careful in West Orange. This district in New Jersey handed out 29 citations in just two hours near one crosswalk.

Many drivers had their good days changed on February 16 in the city of West Orange. The bad news is they were all issued citations. The good news, if there is any, is that they weren’t alone. More than two dozen drivers were issued summonses because they failed to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk near the Edison Museum. The surprising news is that close to half of the tickets were given to people who live in the area.

After the operation, drivers were reminded by officials that a rolling stop at a crosswalk is not a stop. Officials reminded drivers that they must stop completely at a crosswalk, and that they are not permitted to drive forward until the pedestrian has made it to the sidewalk on the opposite corner. Many people were cited because they moved into the crosswalk after a pedestrian safely crossed not the walk, but the area in front of their vehicle.

Officials also sent a reminder to pedestrians: Stay in the marked crosswalk. If a crosswalk is not available, pedestrians must stay perpendicular to the street when crossing. Officials weren’t out to turn anyone’s day from good to bad, but to make the area safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. West Orange officials say that more initiatives will be undertaken in the future in an effort to keep the city as safe as possible.

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