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NYS “Share the Road” message slightly childish

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the promotional video for New York’s “Be Smart.  Share the Road” campaign:

I’m all for quality public service announcements.

However, of all the issues we face on the road, from traffic and congestion to drunk, tired or otherwise distracted driving, do we really need a message that equates driving  to playing nice at daycare?  Is “sharing” really the problem?  When I drive, I don’t expect to have the road to myself.  I’m ok with “sharing” the road with other drivers.  It’s how the other drivers act while sharing the road with me that can potentially cause a problem.

I expect my 3 year old daughter to share blocks when she goes to preschool.  What is way more challenging to prepare her for is what happens if the child she is sharing with drifts off to the side because she’s had too much to drink or forgets to give the blocks back because she’s too busy texting a friend.

I’m for safer roads.  I just think that maybe there’s a better way to spend limited funds allocated to messages like this than on a video which could easily serve as the new opening song for Barney.

Submitted by Scott Feifer

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