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Pennsylvania Teen Involved in Fake Ticket Scam

A teenager was taken into custody in Chester County, Pennsylvania for what authorities are calling a fake traffic ticket scam. The tickets were sent to homes in Westtown Township. The teen accused of the crime, according to police, left the “citations” in the mailboxes of four houses in the county.

According to reports, a fake citation was left in the mailbox, instructing the offending person to respond to an email address after they had left $96 in their mailboxes as a response to their charges. One resident said that she wasn’t sure that she would have done as instructed had she received one of the fake tickets, but that she would have been nervous had she received such a notice.

Included with the citations were photographs of the license plates of the vehicles belonging to the accused perpetrators. It was discovered that the photos were taken as the vehicles were sitting in their driveways. No car in the picture was occupied at the time of the photograph.

Police were able to track down the person responsible for placing the fake citations in mailboxes. The 16-year-old boy is one that lives in the area. The father had located some of the fake citations on the family computer and called police. Charges in the case are pending.

Authorities in the area pointed out that no speeding tickets are issued through the mail. They also advised residents that they never collect cash for citations. Any other person who received a fake citation is asked to call Westtown-East Goshen Police.

If you received a real traffic citation in New York, you have rights. You may choose to pay the citation or you could fight it in court. If you want to fight your ticket, call our team for a free case evaluation.