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People Do Hate Paying Traffic Tickets But…

Jim Dwyer of the New York Times wrote an interesting piece in light of the current NYPD traffic ticket fixing scandal on the lengths people go to avoid paying traffic ticket fines.

In his words, “of the many fevers that can grip the human animal, the desire to fix parking and traffic tickets has few equals for absurdity”.

I don’t think that the actual “desire to fix” is itself absurd.  When someone is pulled over for something they didn’t do or something everyone else on the road was doing or is given multiple tickets for the same offense or is treated rudely by an officer or is endanger of losing their license or their job or is facing thousands of dollars a year in additional auto insurance or very high fines and assessments or reads stories about how the DMV has raised fines and surcharges or about how officers are issuing more tickets to compensate for a poor economy or fill a quota….

My point?  There are many valid reasons for fighting traffic tickets and trying to “fix” the situation.

Tickets should be fought the right way, however. Plead not guilty, speak to a prosecutor, speak to an attorney, etc.   There are risks trying to fix tickets any other way (as the officers currently under investigation now know) and this NYT article makes a good point–the lengths people go to to get tickets fixed any other way does sometimes seem to be a bit too much.

Submitted by Scott Feifer, Esq.