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Thousands of Tickets Issued on University Campus

Being a college student is stressful enough. Imagine walking back to your car from class only to find a traffic citation on your windshield tucked neatly under your wiper. Thousands of students at Northwest University in Missouri are experiencing just that.

According to reports, University police have issued more than 7,000 tickets a year since 2015. Even though about 20 percent of these tickets end up voided or removed, that leaves more than 5,000 people on the hook for fines. Students are understandably upset.

Some students have received multiple tickets during their time on the campus, and they say that parking rules are confusing and difficult to understand. At times, students claim that they were unaware of the restrictions at all. Parking signs are color-coded and if you park in a spot not designated for you, you can be issued a citation even though you are technically parked legally.

The University’s police chief says that it is a popular misconception that the school’s police do nothing but issue traffic tickets. He also advises that students purchase parking permits. Temporary permits are available for visitors to the campus.

Despite these warnings, students still say that more is needed in the way of education about parking. Those living on campus worry not only that they will be ticketed, but that their visitors will be as well due to the confusion. Just how much revenue has been generated by these tickets was not released.

Receiving a traffic citation in New York does not mean that you were guilty of an infraction. Call Feifer & Greenberg today to discuss your case for free. We can review the details surrounding the issuance of your citation and help you determine your legal rights. Call now to schedule your consultation.

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