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Ticket in DC Could Cost You Big

Lawmakers in Washington, DC, and we don’t mean the federal ones, wanted to impose a fine on drivers who exceeded speed limits on city streets by more than 25 miles per hour. The fine was set to be $1,000. While the proposal is still on the books, the cost isn’t. Instead of paying a $1,000 for racing down DC roads, you will only be paying $500.

Officials in the district want to crack down on dangerous drivers to make it safer for others. By establishing tough penalties for more serious traffic infractions, officials believe they are sending a clear message to would-be speeders: Fly down the road and you will pay for it. Not only does the proposal take a hard look at high speeds that amount to reckless driving, but at other infractions as well.

Included in the proposal are increases to traffic fines that are already established. In some cases, the increases are minimal. In other instances, fines will more than double. The proposal also includes higher fines for citations given to bicyclists and pedestrians. If the proposal is approved, the new rules will go into effect in the spring.

Some of the new rules include:

  • $100 for speeding near a senior or recreation center
  • $100 for failing to yield the way to an emergency vehicle
  • $100 for failure to yield to a bus trying to reenter traffic
  • $100 for creeping through a right-turn-on-red
  • $500 for overtaking a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk or intersection that is allowing a pedestrian to pass

These fines don’t just apply to residents, but to anyone driving in the district. The Department of Transportation has been putting together and revising the plan for a year. It is part of the mayor’s plan to eliminate traffic-related deaths in the next 7 years.

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