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Lexi Jackson Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship

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Lexi Jackson Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship

Feifer & Greenberg, LLC is proud to announce that Lexi Jackson has been awarded the TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship, worth $1,000. When Lexi was 11, she faced a horror no child should endure: Her father was involved in a near-fatal car wreck. In a fit of road rage, he had gotten in a fight with a car in the next lane. After exchanging a few knocks with that car, he nearly hit a nearby motorcyclist. To avoid that collision, her father swerved right and off the road, flipping over and over.

Her father managed to survive the wreck with a broken neck, two broken shoulders and a ripped off ear, suffering from no permanent paralysis. However, Lexi’s life was changed forever. Now, she avoids driving on highways if at all possible and never drives anywhere new on her own. She has made it a personal mission to stand against distracted driving in all of its forms — from cellphone use to emotional distress to loud music, and even speeding and driving drunk.

Lexi plans to continue her personal battle against distracted driving when she attends Metropolitan State University in the fall by never driving intoxicated, drowsy or while texting. “These are three of the most popular forms of distracted driving for college students today, and I never want to be one to join the group,” she says. “I will not put myself behind the wheel if I feel that I’m not physically or mentally capable of driving coherently, or if I feel that I am distracted in some way.”

In addition, Lexi believes all cars should be equipped with tools that monitor driving habits and mechanical issues. Though some insurers offer these tools, they are by no means mandatory. Lexi believes making these required in order to drive a car could help improve the safety of our roads.

In her life, Lexi hopes she is known for always being there to help others. That’s why she is pursuing a degree in education. Her mother has helped shape this goal in her life. Lexi says her mother is always there to support her and to push her to better herself — and her driving. Whenever Lexi has to drive somewhere new or do anything that scares her, she knows her mother will be there to motivate her.

As Lexi goes to college, she knows she will have to drive more. Her motto is, “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.” She knows that, whether someone is in the car with her or a spiritual entity is looking after her, it is still up to her to drive safely and avoid all distractions in the car.

“Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility, and it should be treated as such, always,” Lexi says.


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