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NYC truck route violations

NYC truck route violations

New York City has designated certain major roadways “truck routes”.  If you are driving a truck in NYC, you must stay on these truck routes.  A truck can only be operated off truck routes in order to make a local delivery or pick up.

NYC truck routes are primarily relatively major roadways within the city.  The regulations are in place to protect residents from the noise and congestion caused by trucks driving on smaller city streets.  Trucks can only be driven on these smaller non-truck routes if necessary.

In New York City trucks and commercial vehicles are two distinct vehicle classifications. Determining the correct vehicle classification is important for properly operating a truck or commercial vehicle in the City, as rules and regulations can vary depending on classification.

What constitutes a “truck” in New York City?  Pursuant to Section 4-13 of the New York City Traffic Rules, a truck is defined as any vehicle or combination of vehicles designed for the transportation of property that has the following characteristics:

Truck route violations originally were zero point violations.  Today, these violations carry two points and the fines are relatively large to start and increase in large increments if a driver is a repeat offender.

If you are a truck driver in NYC, know the truck routes.  Download and review the 2010 NYC truck route map. Remain on these truck routes unless you must drive off the routes to make a pick up or delivery.  If you do veer off a truck route, make sure you have paperwork documenting the delivery or pick up in question. Without this paperwork, expect a summons if you are pulled over.


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Should I just pay my ticket or should I fight?

We recommend fighting almost all tickets. Even if the current NY traffic tickets aren’t particularly harmful, you have an incentive to keep your record clean for the future. Convictions quickly lead to surcharges, insurance increases and other complications. You should strongly consider any decision to pay a ticket without fighting.

How can our traffic ticket lawyers help you?

Our lawyers are experienced, prepared attorneys who understand the nuances of fighting traffic tickets. Experience, preparation and good decision making help us to help our clients avoid points, surcharges, insurance increases and the other negatives that can easily result from a traffic ticket.


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