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Upcoming DWI Crackdown Dates in NYC


The ultimate goal of the New York Police Department is to ensure the safety and well being of state and city residents. They look for ways to investigate and catch those who have broken the law as well as deter those who may otherwise commit a crime.  One tool that has been successful on both fronts is their Stop-DWI Crackdown weekend.

The crackdowns are held on weekends when people may be more prone to drinking a bit too much before driving.  Publicizing these weekends helps serve as a warning and deterrent to people while the actual crackdown itself helps catch and arrest those who are under the influence and shouldn’t be operating a vehicle.  

Here are the upcoming crackdown dates in 2017:

Super Bowl Weekend

February 3 through 5 is Super Bowl weekend. It promises to be an exciting game, and three out of the four potential teams — the Patriots, the Packers and the Steelers — have some of the largest fan bases in the country. Even if your team isn’t heading to the big game (sorry, Giants and Jets fans), there’s a good chance that you’ll be watching. If so, make sure you don’t drink and drive afterward. Take a taxi, an Uber or the MTA.

St. Patrick’s Day

Who doesn’t like to dress up in green, bar hop and talk in a (bad) Irish accent for the day? No matter how much you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, police will be extra vigilant from March 17 to 19. Make sure you don’t drive home after having too many green beers. Better yet, consider hosting an Erin go Bragh party in your own home so no one has to drive home afterward.

Memorial Day

Nothing says “Summer has begun” like a Memorial Day cookout. Whether you are having a barbecue at home or going to a friend’s house, be sure to watch how much you drink. May 26 to 29 will see an increased vigilance of the NYPD on the lookout for drunk driving, and few things ruin a holiday weekend quite like a DWI arrest. Have a plan for after your day of drinking, whether you sober up hours before you drive, spend the night where you are or find another way to get home besides driving.

Independence Day

Is there a better way to celebrate America’s birthday than cracking open a few domestic brews and partying until well after the fireworks have ended? After all, the Founding Fathers drank more than anyone! Don’t let your June 30 to July 4 weekend of celebration end in a DWI arrest. If you are leaving the city to go see fireworks, book a hotel room so you don’t have to make the long drive back that night.

Labor Day

August 18 to September 4 is the longest time period on this list. People observe Labor Day at different points, and school will have started back up, so police officers will doubly be on the lookout for drunk drivers. No matter where or when you celebrate the holiday, be sure to do so safely. No only is drunk driving illegal, it is also one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in New York for a minor violation or have been charged with a more serious crime such as DWI, contact us to discuss your options.   The attorneys at Feifer & Greenberg are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your case and help you learn more about the charges you are facing.