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Woman Gets Out of Town Ticket, Didn’t Travel

If you think you were irritated the last time you received a traffic ticket, imagine how frustrated you would be if you received one from a place you had never been. A Hilton woman says that is what happened to her and there is no way she’s guilty.


According to reports, the woman received a traffic court notice last week. The notice claims that her car inspection expired in September. Not so, says the sticker firmly affixed to her Volvo. Her car inspection doesn’t expire until November.


The woman is questioning the ticket that came from Nassau County. She is questioning it not only because her inspection clearly isn’t expired, but because she has never been to Nassau County. She is now facing a $170 fine.


The woman has called the agency and tried to get things straightened out. The majority of her calls went unanswered. When she finally did speak to a human on the other end, she was given three options: pay the fine, go to court or hire an attorney.


She says that she will do none of the above in light of the fact that she is not guilty. She doesn’t believe she should have to travel out of town, doesn’t think it’s fair to be forced to pay a fine, and won’t be shelling out her hard-earned money for a lawyer. A local news station reached out to the traffic bureau, but it was closed for the holiday.
If you have been issued a citation in New York and feel you didn’t deserve it, feel free to reach out to our attorneys for some advice.  We know many people, like the woman in the story, may have no interest in hiring an attorney.  It still doesn’t hurt to call–you’ll either learn something from your consult or you might find that an attorney isn’t quite as costly as you thought.