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2011 NYC Traffic Tickets Statistics And Analysis

According to the NY Post, an analysis of traffic tickets issued in 2011 by the NYPD has revealed the following:

• Elmhurst has the highest number of speeding tickets issued (2,094)
• Flushing has the highest number of cellphone charges (2,589)
• The East 60s in Manhattan see the largest number of red light tickets (1,480) and driving the wrong way down a one way street violations (359).
• The West 30s in Manhattan are home to the most failure to yield to a pedestrian tickets in NYC (no specific number cited).
• Cellphone violations are the most commonly cited in NYC (95,426). This is especially noteworthy considering these violations have gone from 0 to 2 to 3 points this year alone.  NY Cell Phone Violations Now Three Points
• Seatbelt violations were the second most commonly cited in NYC (90,062)
• As for individual Boroughs, Brooklyn saw the most traffic tickets issued (141,971), followed by Queens (128,098), Manhattan (115,428), Bronx (71,786), and Staten Island (27,388).

Overall, moving violations are down 6.4 percent from 2010. It may just be a natural dip in numbers that traditionally go up and down. Some suggest it may be directly related to the increased scrutiny on officers who issue traffic tickets in the wake of the NYPD ticket fixing scandal. I wrote a little about this increased scrutiny at the TVB and how it is potentially changing the behavior of officers and judges in court and the New York Times recently took a look at this as well. Perhaps officers feel their best chance to avoid trouble or poor reviews or lost vacation time is to simply avoid issuing any significant volume of traffic tickets.

Scott Feifer