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Car explodes, gets parking ticket

His taxi caught on fire and he ended up with a parking ticket for blocking the road.

During the latest big snowstorm last week, the driver was stuck in the snow.  He gave the car some gas, some more gas and some more gas in an effort to free the vehicle.

He never got free.  Instead, his car caught fire and then exploded.

According to the NY Post, the fire was extinguished by the FDNY at 3:10 a.m. and the ticket issued by 5:20 a.m. when a tow truck didn’t arrive soon enough to move the burned-out vehicle.

Didn’t they realize tow trucks may have been tough to come by during the snow?  Couldn’t the NYPD have moved the car?

Instead they issue a ticket and clearly taught this cabbie a valuable lesson.  Don’t ever let your car catch on fire and, if you do, please make sure you either own your own tow truck so you can get it there quickly or possess super human strength so you can pick the car up and carry it away.

Clearly he’ll have to remember this for next time.

Thanks to the Gothamist for the picture.