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Doctor gets a flashing red light ticket in NYC and claims medical emergency.

When is a medical emergency enough of a situation to excuse disobeying a NYC flashing red light?

Unless you are driving an emergency vehicle, disobeying an flashing red light–and almost all other New York moving violations–is unlikely to be justified based on a medical emergency.

Dr. Herz is a medical doctor who called last week for a consultation.  He could not believe the recent decision against him at the Traffic Violation Bureau.  He presented all the evidence he could.  He is indeed a Doctor and there was indeed a legitimate emergency he was rushing to.  He wanted to know how a judge could possibly ignore the evidence and find him guilty.

The bottom line is only emergency vehicles, equipped with the lights and sirens necessary to warn others on the road, will be legally justified to speed, ignore red signals, etc.  No matter how dire the situation, the law will not favor a private vehicle putting others in danger on the road in order to help someone else.