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Expert: Body Language Affects Traffic Tickets

We’ve all been there: Getting pulled over on the way to work, flustered and angry. The cop approaches, asking to see your license and registration. Often the first thought is to be terse and even rude to the officer.

Wrong move.

According to body language experts, there are ways to handle the situation that could get you out of the ticket. The first suggestion? Show you aren’t a threat. Roll down the driver’s window and the back window. If it’s dark out, throw on your interior lights as well. Then keep your hands on the steering wheel. This lets the officer see you don’t have anything to hide — including weapons. After all, the officer has no idea who you are, and therefore typically has the worst-case scenario in mind.

Once the officer approaches and asks for your license and registration, explain where those documents are, then reach for them. Rustling in the glove box while the cop is approaching may seem like you are reaching for a gun or another object to put the officer on edge. Anything you can do to make it known that you are a safe person, do so.

The final tip from body language experts is to monitor the tone and tempo of your voice. No matter how frustrated you are, arguing or berating the officer isn’t going to help. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat them as you’d like to be treated. While this may not get you out of a ticket, it will make the entire process much smoother and easier.

If you have been issued a traffic citation in New York, your best option is to contact an experienced attorney. Call Feifer & Greenberg today for a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options, including fighting the ticket in court.