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Is traffic enforcement really all about safety?

It’s not a New York issue, but one particular quote caught my eye recently.

There’s a small controversy surrounding some speeding tickets issued via camera surveillance on a Washington DC roadway. Enforcement officials claim the cameras were put up to protect construction workers in a construction zone where the speed limit had been lowered by 10mph to accommodate the construction.

Now, however, the construction has stopped but the cameras remain.

Here’s the quote: “We’re hoping to use these speed cameras more often,” said Assistant Police Chief Patrick Burke. “This is to keep people safe.”

It would be nice if an official would finally just come out and say “we want to keep people safe…but the money is pretty nice too”.

Did I mention in the 2.5 months since construction more or less ended, $3.73 million in fine money has been collected?

It’s never ONLY about safety and officials who claim it is just come off sounding silly.

If for some reason you’re reading this and have questions about a camera or other speeding ticket in the Washington DC area, feel free to consult with a Washington DC traffic attorney via our national site TicketHELP.com.

Submitted by NY Traffic Lawyer Scott Feifer