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Mayor Has Plan for Traffic

If you live in or near Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn, you know that traffic can be a nightmare. Congestion has been in the news lately, especially in certain boroughs, as police have come under fire for potentially causing as much congestion as they perhaps are preventing with aggressive enforcement.   


The mayor has a plan to end the congestion.


According to reports, a new initiative was released by Mayor de Blasio that aims to reduce congestion. Commercial trucks will be regulated as far as when and where they are permitted to stop to unload, and if they violate those regulations, drivers will be hit with big fines. As part of the initiative, curbside deliveries will be banned during rush hour on 11 Midtown cross streets.


The mayor said the bans will take place in the parts of the city where the congestion is the greatest. He also said that the average speed vehicles are able to travel has been reduced by 23 percent over the last seven years.


The plan has come under fire from merchants in the area. They say that the initiative will punish companies and their workers. Retailers get most of their deliveries in the early hours of the morning, during rush hour, just when the ban is going to take place. Employees may now be forced to stay late to accept deliveries after rush hour. Just how many tickets will be handed out or how many people will be negatively affected remains to be seen.
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