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Nassau County Approves New Citation Fee

Legislators in Nassau County, New York have recently passed a $55 additional surcharge fee to all ticket citations. The proposal was met with opposition, both from local residents and politicians. However, the measure passed, though it was modified. The original surcharge was set to be $105, but was cut nearly in half.

The purpose of the surcharge is to fill a projected budget gap. Legislators hope this new proposition will raise about $30 million annually. Nassau County is home to about 1.3 million people, so legislators believe this lower surcharge will be enough to cover the deficit. However, though the new measure passed through the local legislation, it is not yet approved.

The next body that must approve the proposition is Nassau Interim Finance Authority. They have said they have reservations about this new fee. They said they are prepared to reject this bill in their upcoming meeting. Local residents have also said they disagree with the bill. One man said he has seen so many locals move out of the county because they are unable to find affordable housing and are facing other financial issues. This bill would only potentially add more strain to already-strained budgets.

AAA Club representative Alex Slatky said Nassau County residents should not be fooled by the fact that the surcharge was cut from $105 to “just” $55. After all, the county currently has no surcharge on traffic citations, so any additional fee is more than what residents pay now. Democratic legislative minority leader Kevan Abrahams has also taken issue with the bill. He calls it an “illegal motorist tax,” and would drive even more families out of Nassau County.

At the time of writing, the Nassau Interim Finance Authority had not come to a decision about the proposed surcharge.

If you are facing a traffic citation in New York, it is not something to take lightly. Not only are there immediate fines, but it can also impact your insurance rates. Contact the attorneys at Feifer & Greenberg to learn how we can help you fight your traffic ticket.