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New York traffic ticket leads to points, fine and…felony robbery charges.

We know traffic tickets can be damaging. Insurance, fine, surcharges and potential suspension are always concerns and bring hundreds of potential clients to our office each month. Now, in a sudden and unexpected boon to traffic ticket lawyers throughout New York, you can add felony larceny and robbery charges to the list.

Police in upstate NY recently tracked down a bank robbery suspect using a traffic ticket that was actually used during the robbery. Irondequoit police said Damien Ponder, 27, of Rochester, N.Y., allegedly used the back of the traffic ticket Saturday to write a note demanding money from a teller at the First Niagara Bank.

Mr. Ponder was given an undisclosed amount of cash, which he dropped along with the note while leaving. He allegedly retrieved most of the cash, but left behind the traffic ticket. The ticket had his name and address which in turn led to his arrest and the felony charges of third-degree robbery and fourth-degree grand larceny.

This is why we advise everyone to handle their traffic tickets responsibly. Make informed decisions, adhere to deadlines and never use it to write a note that says something like “I have a gun. Give me all your money. If you have any further questions concerning this armed robbery I can be reached at…”

Traffic tickets are frustrating, expensive and time consuming…and hopefully the most serious legal problem the majority of us ever have to deal with.

Submitted by Scott Feifer