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Red Light Means Stop

So I just got my first red light camera ticket. I saw the video–I deserved it. Nassau County is $65 richer today thanks to me.

Luckily, red light cameral tickets are simply considered parking violations. They are issued against the vehicle and not an individual driving record. I’m not sure if people have successfully fought them but at least the fine is the end of it. There are no points or insurance ramifications to worry about.

Legal consequences aside, failure to stop at red lights can be extremely dangerous. Here are some very basic red light related reminders:

•    If you are the first car at a red light, don’t rush into the intersection when the light changes.  Give a couple of seconds and an extra look to make sure traffic with the red signal has stopped.

•    If the light is amber, don’t speed ahead to “make the light.”  Slow down and prepare to stop.  Remember that amber lights vary greatly in their timing.  If you have enough time to stop, then stop.

•    If the light is red, certainly stop.  No decision to be made there.  Do it for your own safety, not because you want to avoid a ticket.

•    Know the difference between arrow signals and disc signals.  An arrow, red or green, controls drivers intending to move in a particular direction.  A traditional disc, or circle signal, generally applies to drivers moving in any direction at the intersection.  Pay attention to the types of signals you are facing.

•    If you are in a strange location and don’t know the traffic patterns, traffic signal timing, or intersections, proceed with particular caution.  Many accidents occur when drivers are lost and some intersections can be trickier than others.

Drive Safe.

Submitted by Scott Feifer