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“Polish” traffic ticket joke for the new year…

Just read this story and thought it was funny.  It is NOT actually what you may consider a Polish joke and we don’t endorse jokes which promote racial or ethnic stereotypes.  We really don’t.  If anything, this is a government/DMV joke. Those we fully endorse and embrace on every level…

The most notorious speeder in Ireland is apparently a man named “Prawo Jazdy”.  He accumulated more than 50 traffic offenses and none of them have been paid or handled properly.

Mr. Jazdy has finally been identified and the mystery surrounding his failure to appear on these traffic tickets has been solved.   “Prawo Jazdy” is actually the Polish phrase for driving licence and not the first and last names on the licence.  Thus, police in Ireland have routinely been pulling over motorists with Polish driver licenses and mistakingly issuing a ticket in the name Prawo Jazdy.  It’s not uncommon for an individual to be driving in Ireland with a Polish license–About 200,000 Polish people flocked to Ireland during the boom years of the country’s economy earlier this decade.

At least the Irish police who issued the tickets in the wrong name tried.  In New York, we routinely see officers tack an “unlicensed driver” charge on to car stops of individuals with out-of-country driver licenses and let the courts sort it out later.

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