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Time to Move Your Car–Post Snowpocolypse Parking Ticket Blitz is On!

NYPD traffic agents wrote nearly double the average number of alternate-side parking tickets on Feb 7 as many cars have yet to move since getting snowed in two weeks ago.

The NY Post reported that 9,910 tickets were written citywide on the first day the alternate side of the street rules were back in  effect.

According to the Department of Finance. an average of 5,460 alternate-side violations are issued in a typical day.

The NYPD set forth that there were simply “more violations observed”than usual yesterday.

Cynics will probably argue this is unfair, a money grab, etc.  While it may indeed be partially about making up for revenue lost to the snow, it’s likely there were simply more cars than usual parked on the wrong side of the street.  People have had both time and notice with respect to the parking rules and at some point should be expected to move their vehicle.

Scott Feifer, Esq.